Kathy Ė Thanks for the helpful link! I didnít think about my hair being porous from the coloring because I thought it was only bleach/lightening that damages the hair, not dye/darkening.

Firefox Ė I think diet and lifestyle could definitely be contributing to it, thatís why I plan on getting the blood test done this week. I donít eat a lot of meat or protein and hair is dead protein so that could be contributing to it. The flat iron they used on me at the salon prior to January was very hot, Idk the exact temperature. But it would make my cheeks feel hot, thatís how hot it was. I havenít got that done in 6 months though. My current flat iron that is terrible does not get very hot or straighten well for that matter. The new flat iron I am getting has an adjustable temperature and goes to 400 something. But Iím not using that high a temperature on my hair. I checked out your link which was very helpful so thank you and I will not turn it up higher than 300. But I donít plan on straightening at all until my hair gets healthy. Also, I never straighten it when itís wet.

I did not realize that most semi-permanents are PPD free. Is there a good brand you would suggest that wonít dry it out more? I had the Redken put on it about 5-6 times every few months. My hair stylist told me it was semi, not demi so I didnít even realize until recently. Is the dye whatís damaging my hair now? The last time I had it put on was December. I would think it wouldnít still be damaged from that, especially not new growth. Is there anywhere I can find the ingredients to this dye? Iíve searched and canít find it anywhere.

I did not realize that silicones werenít actually making the hair healthy but disguising the damage. Thatís not helping the problemÖugh I donít know what to use

I really appreciate your thoughts and you trying to get me to embrace my natural hair. However, I have hated my hair since Iíve been in fifth grade. I donít see myself embracing it anytime in the near future and maybe not ever. I have been through a lot in the last few years, and I plan on a new start/a new look with includes straight hair. And from my experience, flat ironing hasnít done anywhere close to the damage that bleaching/coloring did. This girl has naturally curly hair and straightens it frequently, her hair is VERY healthy. The flat iron sheís using is the one I plan on using once I get my hair healthy. I realize that most people on this site embrace their curly hair but I donít. But my natural hair is still curly and needs to be treated gently so I came here for advice with getting it healthy again.

How to Straighten Curly Hair & Maintain It - YouTube

Iím not that familiar with conditioning washing. Do you use just any conditioner? Wouldnít the hair be greasy and dirty from no shampooing? I only shampoo twice a week right now but I never condition at all. I just use all these silicone products that I thought were helping. Should I condition every day and stick with shampooing twice a week and see how that works?
I do sleep on a satin pillowcase and the hat I bought says ďblock out the sunĒ on it so I would think it works. Is it bad to use a comb when the hair is wet? Thatís what I do when I get out of the shower. I comb it out and use detangler. I only thought it was bad to use a brush.