Alsl Ė No wonder my hair looks red in certain lightings even though itís not red. I didnít think about the fact that it could have red undertones. Is there a way to get rid of it besides color? Thanks for the suggestion to try the Curly Girl method. Is this something that can be used even though I plan on wearing it straight?

Chloe Ė I agree! I have learned so much already that I did not know, especially about the silicone products I have been using. Iíll have to check out the Live Clean one. The Tresemme does have sulphates (like someone said), I looked it up. I used to use AG shampoo which had ammonium sulfates and those were harsher on my hair than sodium sulfates and made it itch like crazy, I hated it. The Tresemme contains ammonium sulfates but Iíll definitely check out the Live Clean one, thanks for the suggestion! I do think I will stop using the silicone products since they arenít actually repairing damage or helping my hairís health.