I have found two inexpensive lines of sulphate free shampoos, along with silicone free conditioners - both are available at Walmart. One is Live Clean (I esp like the apple cider shampoo when I want to remove product build up, and on my daughter's smelly scalp) and the other is the green line of Tresemme (white and green bottle). DO make sure to always read labels.
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The Tresemme Naturals shampoos do contain sulfates.
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I must have read the label at the time, perhaps that's why I have the silicone free conditioner only!

If memory serves, the Tresemme conditioner (naturals) was a good price, big container. Good for long hair, esp if co-washing.

I've not mastered the art of scrubbing with my finger tips. Instead, I will often bring a scalp brush into the shower, and with conditioner in my hair, try to brush thru my hair.

I'm a modified CG, I do shampoo about once a week. On the other days, I use conditioner only. Works well on my not-so-curly daughters too.

Reading the original poster's comments re. hating her hair - makes me sad but many of us have been there, so we do understand (even if it has been decades since I was a teen). Luckily, I was a teen in the late '80s and big was IN!! I rocked a lion's mane of hair - ha! But avoided hats at all cost. I'm not sure if flat irons were invented at the time, our instruments of torture were hair blowers that could actually over heat and suck hair in the other end. And butane travel curlers. And AquaNet hair spray (a wet, plastic type of liquid - I can still smell it!). I left my hair to do crazy curls but tortured my bangs into submission. Did that for several years, even going so far as to use a 'mild' chemical straightener on them. Until, after one application, half of my bangs broke off at the roots.....

When curly hair is long, with long layers, I don't think that I can think of an easier hairstyle? Esp one that accepts styling, like barrettes, buns, up 'dos...etc. I remember styling my mum's hair, putting a little barrette in it. And then watching it slowly slide right down her head (she has hair as a straight as a pin - I don't envy her!)

I love being able to tie my hair, no elastics needed (when it was long). Or braid it, again, no elastic at the ends! Wouldn't hold if I, say, ran, but gosh, easy way to put it up!

Good luck on your journey - I definitely think that you are on the right track!

And thank you to all of the posters - I am grateful for the info! So much to learn
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3a? 3b? Fine, dense. Porous.
Finally sulfate free. Avoiding silicones.