your comment re not conditioning right now.....? Wow! My brain is slow tonight and I'm trying to understand the concept of not using a conditioner! I wonder when I started using one...probably as a child, as my mum always used one...somewhere along the way, when my hair was long and lightened (bleaching), I used to avoid shampooing as much as possible - only once every two weeks, but always conditioning every day, with my morning shower. I didn't know about CG method at that time, otherwise I would have ditched the shampoo completely. All I knew was that it would take me several days to get my hair to calm down and curl properly (instead of frizz) after shampooing (of course, I wasn't using sulphate free shampoo).

Our health does impact our hair - during my first pregnancy, I remember being asked what products I was using - I hadn't had a hair cut in months, didn't dye it, and used Head and Shoulders every other day (talk about harsh!), but thanks to all sorts of great hormones, had an amazing, thick head of hair ha!

Now with health issues and grey coming in, plus trying to grow it out of a pixie, I wouldn't dare treat it harshly with sulphates. Somewhere, I posted three photos showing the before, during and 'after' a modified CG method - my curls look sooooo nice in the after! I think that the change occurred over a month or so (again, no heat damage though).

I'm rambling so I will let you digest some of the info given as I wander back to topics that overwhelm me - porosity and so on!
Growing out a pixie (last big cut July 2012)
3a? 3b? Fine, dense. Porous.
Finally sulfate free. Avoiding silicones.