Can you tell us your routine? What kind of products you're using?

My first suggestion would be to stop brushing your hair when it's dry! Detangling should only be done on soaking wet hair that's coated in conditioner.
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I don't even really have a routine or a set of products I use. I've abandoned so much because much of what I've tried hasn't worked well for me. I dye my hair every few months so I try to use colour safe shampoos so that it doesn't fade so fast. As far as routine goes... what routine? Seriously! :P I'm a college student so I kind of just throw my hair up in a bun most days because I don't have the time to do much before early morning classes. I have some Garnier leave-in conditioner but it always leaves my hair feeling kind of gross.

As far as brushing when it's dry, it isn't something I do very often, if ever so no worries there. I had my mum do it for me tonight because I was planning on straightening as I'm leaving tomorrow to go out of town and I knew I wouldn't have time to wash/condition and get it dry again before it was too late in the evening to start straightening. (I have an InStyler so I know that's not the kind of noise most people want to hear when they're attempting to sleep.)

I straighten my hair for various events - weddings, parties, etc., because it's the only way I can feel comfortable. Leaving my hair curly means having it up and it looks kind of awful because I can't do anything with it, and leaving it down means a frizzy mess and hair everywhere.

I just fail all around at taking proper care of my hair; I've just never found a good way to control it.