I already love Target, so this just adds to my joy at them at last mixing the 'ethnic' (goodness I despise that term) products in with the rest of the hair care products. Unfortunately, my target has not gotten on the ball and has sadly stopped carrying all Shea Moisture hair care products except for a select few (the pink and yellow lines, both of which I cannot use).

For a long time they had all of the SM hair care products displayed at the front of the hair care isles along with the Ms. Jessies and the other expensive, high end products. Those have all vanished now from the front end. My local Targets have started clearancing them out now.

On a different note, I walked into a Walmart in a different city the other day in desperate need of a pair of socks (the ones I had on at the time had ripped and were literally cutting into my feet, otherwise I would not have gone in) and on a whim went to the hair section to see if they would carry a specific product I was looking for (Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream) as I could not find it ANYWHERE in my town.

I spent a good 15 minutes in the hair section, looking in vain for any sign of any hair product formulated especially for curly-haired girls or women with alternative hair textures (aka the "ethnic" section) I did not see any and asked the girl working there what was going on. Her reply?

"Oh, the section with the relaxers and stuff? We don't carry none of that no more." Another quick once over confirmed this. No Shea Moisture, no Olive Oil, no Motions, not even any Hollywood brand Tea-Tree or Olive Oil. They hardly had ANY of the Herbal Essences Curl or Totally Twisted lines either, which i found really odd. I did a double take. Are you serious?

Now, this shocked me. The area that this walmart was located in has many individuals from multiple cultural groups living in a relatively small area. There are curly haired girls walking around all day, every day and their curls are just as different and unique as their gorgeous skin tones. The fact that this....establishment had just ceased to carry ANY products catering to women of color was just shocking, and I made up my mind that I would not purchase anything from that Walmart, or any Walmart, not then and not ever. I drove home barefoot that night.

So much hate. That left a really bad taste in my mouth.

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