+1 on the CG method. I think you will be pleasantly surprised the amount of control and lack of frizz you will get. By the wedding in August you should be able to wear your hair down and natural with more confidence! Pick up a cheap conditioner for a co wash and detangler I love tresseme naturals! Also a good thick rinse out/ base for deep treats (just add oil) is GVP conditioning balm from Sally's if you have one nearby. Throw away the shampoo and brush. Do one last shampoo with it and toss it. Your hair will thank you!
2C/3a, Medium Texture, Normal porosity, High Density, Normal Elasticity (so says the LCLF Hair analysis)
Co Wash: As I am
RO: Yes To Carrots / Ion
LI: Biotera / Samy Big Curls Defining Cream
Gel: FSG, Volumax (Original and Mega)
Color: Henna
Tools: Diffusing