I miss you! I've missed everyone!!! Its so lonely. Some curlies are around, but not the usual brimming nc.com that I love. I'm suspecting that this is all a ploy to get me (yes, its all about me) to get a FB.

I'm so glad to see you!

And Bella Pupparella is a doll!! That little heart, I've learned, is to let me know when she is about to get into something.... Silly Belly Girl. She's actually around 3 months and has been losing teeth like crazy. 4 down. Who knows how many to go.

Actually, now that I'm talking about her. Claudine, maybe you have some experience with this or anyone really. Bella was a stray that a couple found. She must have been just an itty bitty thing, like a month and a half/two months or something. Anyhow, when they found her, she had an infected tooth. They took her to the vet and she was put on antibiotics. She has been given the all clear, and she seems fine, but she does have a baby tooth that is clearly bad, and a back tooth that is in pretty bad shape. Do those fall out? Anyhow, that isn't my real question. (And I will consult with her vet about all of my questions... I just thought I would ask here first because it has come to mind.) Her left side seems a bit droopy. Not all the time, but her bottom lip clearly seems to hang. Is that because of damage from the bad tooth or is there something else going on?

Well..... please stay w_s. Too many curlies gone. Hopefully Saria will hear about your posts and come back to at least 'like' something.

I miss everyone. Murrtles, Saria, the Springs, the Reds (I know RCW is still around, but either she isn't really posting or I must be missing all of her posts because I rarely see her), IROC... oh! So many!

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