Thanks for the prompt replies, ladies. I appreciate it! Currently, I've been using Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner along with their Whipped Cream Mousse. I don't have any issues with the rest of my hair. It's shiny, the curls are tamed, and it is really long. It's just the flakes that are getting in my way. I tried going CG two years ago and it did not work for me.
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Your scalp is skin, not hair. The shampoo you are using contains harsh surfactants, silicones and preservatives. The conditioner has only 1-2 emollient ingredients, the rest is cones and preservatives.

You don't have to cowash to be CG, switching to a gentle lowpoo and a condish with more emollients and fewer cones, oils and butters may help. My favorite lowpoo is DermOrganic, their condish is good too. It is available at Target and Ulta and I'm sure many other places. There are lots of other brands too, that is just one example.
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Went to buy DermOrganic and looked at the ingredients. Turns out is has proteins and my hair can't stand proteins.

3a/3b curls.
Medium texture, medium porosity, and extremely protein sensitive.
Moderate CG? No harsh sulfates, limited 'cones.
Poo: L'oreal Ever Sleek
Condish: GVP Conditioning Balm
Deep Condish: L'oreal Ever Pure
Styling products: Bumble & Bumble smoothing creme, Not Your Mother's Curl Creme, and Giovanni gel.