mom has to have more spinal surgery - this time she has a cyst in her spinal column in between L4 and L5. they are going to do a laminectomy to go in and aspirate it.

she's booked for August 13th.
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I hope everything goes well with your moms surgery. That is quite a sudden bump up, but the sooner she has it done, the sooner she can start recovery.

Isn't it good to see, Sasp?

Starmie, that stinks.
Occasionally something good comes out of elections here, but more times that not I feel like everything has been rigged. During our local elections I watch people (in both main parties) bus in widowed elderly, stand over them as they vote, and tell them who to vote for on a regular basis. Mmmmhmmm. And I hate the electronic voting machines. I think those are even easier to fix than the old. At least you had to buy votes then. Meh. Dirty politics.

I sincerely need to finish up cleaning and run to the store before I take another benadryl and become useless. It looks like the skies are about to open up, and the wind is horrible, so I am trying to hold off (and not scratch) until the storms to pass.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??