All these personal stories I think contribute to why Target wants to make their own aisle. It's crazy how packaging, placement, and even names of certain aisles can either hinder or facilitate a sale. I also remember how SM and Miss Jessies was in the front of the aisles at my local Target. I thought that was a pretty good marketing system to at least facilitate the idea for people to consider the products they are currently using.

This was in Walmart, but just the other day I was in the "ethnic" hair aisle (because that is where Walmart places the SM products) and a woman was asking me about SM and other curly products bc she was trying to go natural. I told her how Target has more natural hair care, but to not be fooled by the name of products bc ingredients are what is important. She was looking at different products that said 'natural' or 'curly' but were full of silicones, mineral oil, and petrolatum. So I tried to explain the whole CG method as basic as possible so she didn't get confused. She seemed so interested and I told her to definitely come onto this site where all the info she needed would be here. I think that is a good example of so many hidden curlies (man or woman) that want to emerge but don't know the products to choose!
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