Hi all,

Sorry for the long post. I've been lurking here for years. I have 2C dry, frizzy hair that I've gotten in shape. I cowash with and also use as a leave in the Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I use the Tresemme Flawless Curls mousse. I sometimes use a Garnier spray gel for some extra hold.

This had been working well for me, but my psoriasis really flared up and I went to my dermatologist. He prescribed a scalp oil I need to leave on overnight and wash out in the morning. It contains mineral oil and peanut oil.

I was also prescribed a topical medication that contains mineral oil too. This topical just sits on my scalp and never absorbs even after being on my scalp all day.

The dermatologist instructed me to wash out the scalp oil with a salicylic acid shampoo. All of the ones available that I can find contain sulfates. After using them every time I wash and use this oil, my hair has become dry and frizzy again.

Does anyone have an experience with this? I'm willing to stop using the salicylic acid shampoos, but would a no or low poo even remove the mineral oil from my scalp and hair?