I find it frustrating that the ethnic and natural hair care are often in completely different aisles in stores. It is like that at my Target and Walgreens. There's the huge hair care aisle, but the natural stuff is over by the skin care stuff (?). In target, the ethnic hair stuff is in a different aisle, with the curling irons and blow dryers, and the natural stuff is in the skin care aisle.

It would be nice if it were all together, especially for people who are there looking for new products...that aren't necessarily educated about the difference..if they don't know where to look, they're missing out on finding the more natural products as an option.

I am very snooty when it comes to product packaging. The SM line, mixed chicks, mop-c, gud, etc, tend to have more boutique-looking packaging and would stand out well in the main hare care aisle and really gain momentum.

I hate to say it, but this packaging snootiness is why I don't shop at Sally's very often. I have to put the GVP products in my own containers just so they don't look...so generic. I love pretty bottles!
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This is how it is at my Target, so if you're looking for something new, you have to check two different places to see if they carry it. But you know, I was thinking about it, and in a way hair care is kind of a marketing nightmare. Group products for straighties together? Well, is that real straighties, curlies who think they're straight, or curlies who wish they were straight? Same for curly products. Natural products? Do they have to be really natural, or just say so on the label? All the people who don't really know what hair type they are, or want to be something else... See what I mean? I suppose the best way would be to just group by manufacturer and let the shopper figure it out for themselves. Heck, people here know way more about hair than most, and look at all the trouble we have, lol. Wouldn't it be nice if stores carried a list of ingredients that we could look up?
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