....I have breast cancer

So much for the bad news....no worries please. I'm just pissed that it's ruining my summer. As a teacher, I live for my summers I did just get a week at the beach though with the hubs and adult children, so that made life good

This is what I know so far: I have IDC, the most common kind of breast cancer. I have a grade 3 tumor that measured over 2 cm at time of biopsy. I tested positive for all hormone receptors (estrogen, progesterone and the protein HER2). I will definitely be getting chemo, regardless of lymph node involvement which won't be determined until after surgery, scheduled for July 8. I'm getting a port during surgery and will have immediate reconstruction. I will be on herceptin for a year due to HER2 status.

For any curlies out there who have been thru this, I have these questions:
1. I know that I will be losing my hair. However, in the meantime, I'm a shave-every-day kinda girl. I've been told not to use a straight razor for fear the smallest nick could possibly cause lymphodema. I've bought an electric razor, but haven't opened it yet. I've also bought veet sensitive. Any recs on what works well?

2. Drains....UGH UGH UGH!! I'm dreaaaaadddding them!! ...probably as much as anything at this point. I watched a good video on youtube, and someone suggested in the comments to get one of those cloth nail aprons from home depot to hold them while showering, so I picked up a couple yesterday...they were only 77cents! Any other good ideas or suggestions for drains, PLEASE share

3. How long before you were able to get out and about comfortably?

4. How long before you could work out? My exercise of choice is running, but even that is a continual struggle due to my chronic plantar fasciitis. However, I've been continuing to run and work out in hopes I can be in my best possible shape before surgery.

5. Anything else you think I'd find helpful, I would welcome. I'm pretty sure more questions will be forthcoming.

If you're still reading....thanks

Now, for the good news....just call me grandma (for the 1st time)
The smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention.

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. (Invictus - William Ernest Henley)

Just think I used to worry 'bout things like that,
Used to worry 'bout rich and skinny, 'til I wound up poor and fat,
Nowadays I kind of worry where my mind's been at,
Just think I used to worry 'bout things like that. (Delbert McClinton - I Used to Worry from Never Been Rocked Enough)

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