At several Targets in my area there is a 'curly' hair display at the head of the haircare aisle but the SM, Jane Carter, etc are also at the back end of that aisle grouped with the other brands with 'ethnic-people' pictures on them. It definitely feels like a separate, ethnic section, no different then at Walgreens. The 'natural' hair brands like Burt's Bees and Alba Botanics are in a whole separate aisle with other health food store type products. I find it very confusing and it still seems segregated to me. The Shea Moisture, Curls, Jane Carter, etc are just as organic/natural as the ones in the natural aisle and actually the SM body washes and lotions are in the natural/health aisle rather then with the SM hair stuff (or vice versa), Burt's Bees and Alba aren't split up like that.

I agree that it would be more difficult to find these lines if they were mixed in with the mainstream brands but I think it still needs work. Pantene and other lines have 'curly' products interspersed with their regular stuff. I think if Target wants to do away with the 'ethnic aisle' they need to rethink their categories. ALL hair products should go in the haircare aisle(s) with different sections for those with natural/organic certifications, those labeled or marketed for curly hair, other special categories like dandruff, mens lines and then everything else. Unless there are mainstream products interspersed with the 'ethnic' brands they are always going to create ther own area/group.
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