I think I may be the oldest here, 2 and a half years (30 months). My hair is close to waist but natural hair is about shoulder length or so. Don't know of its because its hot but lately I've been getting the urge to chop. So far I've only been slowly trimming. I might take the plunge when it gets cooler. As much as I would like to be rocking wash and go's it's too damn hot. I like being able to braid and bun my hair.
Hair: 3a, normal porosity and elasticity
My hair loves: Vatika and Bhringraj oils, adores henna.
My HGs: Bobeam's shampoo bars, CJAO, CJRM, Original Moxie's Hair Bling, Terressentials,

Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!

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