"Pretty much as bad as" in what sense? Don't confuse dermatology/ pharmacy with cosmetic care for hair. Dandruff is NOT psoriasis, they do not have the same aetiology nor the same treatment. The curl chemist articles are fantastic, but she (rightly) assumes the majority of her audience has healthy skin.
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What are you talking about? I'm simply referring to SLS versus Sodium C14 16 Olefin Sulfonate when it comes to making her hair feel dry...what the OP was concerned about. I know what dandruff is and I know what psoriasis is . I have many skin issues of my own. Hell even if I didn't, I know how to search articles. It's amazing.

...and I've read that Curly Nikki story already. I didn't think the SA did, which is why I didn't recommend it, but I didn't want to speak definitely on something I wasn't sure of and spread false information. I'm not a hair product chemist.

I recommended the Giovanni shampoo, not because it was a dandruff shampoo, but because it is a sulfate free shampoo with salicylic acid...which is what she said she needed.

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