Hi everyone!

My name is Jazmin, and I am 23 years old. I have been natural since the later part of 2008. I'm not exactly sure of my hair type, but it seems like it would be 3b/3c. The front of my hair is loosely curled and the back of my hair is tightly curled but not coily. I will post pictures eventually to give a visual of my hair. I had my last relaxer sometime in June 2007. In July 2008, I told my mother, whom is a licensed cosmetologist, that I didn't want her to put relaxer in my hair anymore. My father's mother put a relaxer in my hair when I was 10, lying to my mother and I, saying that the product being used in my hair would make my hair more manageable. And my hair doesn't really tangle. So my mother and I trusted my grandmother, and the relaxer was put in my hair. My mother was furious when she found out what was put in my hair, because she never wanted a relaxer in my hair because she knew of the damage it could cause. So long story, short, my mother had to keep putting the relaxer in my hair. It still makes me upset that a relaxer was put in my hair, but oh well.

So when I started my transition, my mother didn't know what to do with my hair. So she did what she knew best; keep straightening it. She didn't realize the damage she was causing to it at the time. So when I headed off to college in August 2008, I started getting protective styles done to my hair by those that love me. Then went back to straightening. After that, I picked protective styling back up in 2010. Then May 10th of this year, I got my hair cut into a bob. Now I think my hair is growing faster than what it was when my hair was past my shoulders. I love being natural! It's the best decision I have ever made.

I came to this forum to learn how to do my own natural hair. And learn and understand my hair through this beautiful natural hair process