Hmm..not sure about that but I'm extremely protein sensitive. Anything with protein, amino acids, even coconut and jojoba oils make my hair like straw. I've read up on it before and apparently, coconut and jojoba oils act like protein. I just avoid all of those ingredients all together because my hair will become a huge mess and take weeks to get back to normal. I've been trying to find protein free lo-poos and conditioners but it is pretty difficult.
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There is a whole lot of erroneous diagnostics on haircare forums IMO. Coconut and jojoba oils have little to do with protein, the 'acting like protein' thing is pseudoscience. Coconut oil helps the hair retain more of its structural proteins, if that property alone made your hair badly behaved then virgin new growth would be far more of a nightmare than your naturally weathered ends.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins but they are too small to build up, they are very water soluble so will largely wash right off hair again. Try reading haircare blogs written by those with a science background - 'curl chemist' here on NC, Natural Haven for example.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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