Ironically, there is a thread speaking about Paula Deen's "n" word comment. I think that, in collaboration with this topic, it makes a further valid point of why nobody should say it. Who knows her reasoning, but my point is, we can't get mad when a non-black person uses that word, yet the "n" word is used perdominately in a specific race. It shows lack of respect.

The other day, I was speaking to my friend who was venting to me about some drama in her life concerning her boyfriend. She is biracial, like me, and her boyfriend is black. She kept calling him a n***A. I then proceeded to tell her about this exact thread and what we are all discussing. To me, it was a perfect example of someone, who if they were to have been called the "n" word, would have been angry, yet when she was angry, she was able to drop the "n" word like it was saying 'hello.'

This thread helped me examine her thought process/beliefs on using the word. So I thank everyone for this great discussion.
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