I pineapple my hair and my hair the curls do flatten out a bit. I actually use as my leave in kinky curly knot today in a sprtiz bottle diluted a bit. I scrunch that in a bit and then I will sometimes get just a little bit of my ECO styler gel rub in palms and scrunch in. I use just a little bit the gel not much because I'm pretty much reactivating the gel from day before. That's what seems to work for me.
CG April 16, 2013
2B-wavy, curvy, Low Porosity, Fine
No poo - DC, As I Am, EBW Coconut Shea
Low poo - Dr. Miracles
Clarify - TJ TT shampoo
PT - IAGirl's recipe
DT - TJ TT condish w/CO & honey
Style - ECO Krystal, Protein
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