I think things are better socially than in earlier days, but I do think that the African holocaust is downplayed in the U.S. for some reason.

It just seems odd that you can have a society where people were tortured for centuries and not expect to have any repercussions. Other peoples that have survived atrocities don't have that problem and unfortunately, it is because racism still exists.
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The reason the history is downplayed is 1) guilt, and more importantly 2) it shatters the myth of American exceptionalism: that the United States was founded on the highest ideals of freedom and respect for human rights.

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It most definitely was not. I don't have a whole lot to contribute to this thread. I am mixed heritages but predominately "white" - Scottish & English on my mothers side, and Irish & Italian on my fathers side - my grandfather being a 2nd generation Italian American (his parents immigrated). For some reason, the Italian features are dominant in me. Dark hair, olive skin, dark eyes...I can look pale & "white" in the winter but get me in the sun & everything changes. As a child I had one very pale blond haired friend who was convinced I was "black" - like it was a bad thing - and have been called "that little Spanish girl" or asked "what are you??" and I definitely look more "ethnic" with my curly frizzy hair & a tan. However, I am not so purely one lineage that I identify as anything other than "white" if asked on a form. The "racism" I've experienced is nothing compared to many of you.

That being said - I always have wondered what grounds Americans have to be racist or suspicious of immigrants - yes some are here illegally but I think a lot of motivation behind that is to escape oppression, violence, or poverty in their homelands - when we European "white people" came here to escape many of the same things. And then proceeded to slaughter the native Americans & enslave blacks for hundreds of years. We make it damn near impossible to become an American citizen if you werent born here, but do we not remember what we've done?
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