You know, I have the same issue you have: my grays grow in fast, like weeds Like you, I add amla to my henna mix (but no indigo).

I'm also thinking about hennaing my roots more frequently but it's so hard to only get henna on the roots. I know it will relax any already hennaed hair, even w/ amla in the mix. I know this because that's what happened when I hennaed my whole head. The fact that it acts as a relaxer (due to build up) is what's keeping me from doing weekly treatments.

That said, sounds like your hair may be more resistant to henna's relaxing effects. Still, it's a risk and you could lose curl if you re-henna parts of your hair. ... Maybe you could increase the amount of amla in your mix? That would further mute the color to a cooler, possibly darker shade (I'm considering this tactic ). To compensate, you could try using less indigo, perhaps. I would call the folks over at the henna forum and ask them about all this. They also have a phone help line. It's where I turn for henna info.
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Why do you mix amla with henna? Is Amla good for curly hair?
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Sara, there's no science I can find to back this up, but a lot of curlies claim amla helps counteract henna's curl-loosening tendency. Despite adding amla to my henna, my curls loosened the first time I did it plus the second time, for which I only did my roots. It may have just loosened my curls less than if I'd added amla. Or the amla may have done nothing for curl retention. There's just no way to know.

Some things to consider about amla in a henna mix: Amla is acidic and can be used for dye release, so don't add lemon, ACV or anything else acidic w/the henna/amla or you will probably dry your hair out. Also, amla has a tendency to slightly "cool" the red tones of henna (less brassy looking) and possible darken the hair, though there's some argument as to whether either of these effects are permanent.
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Thsnk you for the info. But do snyone know if the amla oil is good to use as an hairoil? Does it do anything for curls?
Hair type/properties:
3c hair, high porosity, mediumdensity, low elasticity, fine hair.

Curly hair routine/regime:
Combine the modified cg-method (low poo) and a modified tightly curly method.
-Condition and leave in: Aubrey Organics, Giovanni Barzilian keratin and argan oil
-Sealer: shea butter, Argan, olive and coconutoil
-Gel: homemade flaxseed gel, Kinky curly custard, Queen Helene Curl royal shaping creme.