D**o I don't mind. W*p, however, I despise. In my family, we were conditioned that D**o is not offensive but W*p is. As for Italians being oppressed, that was definitely true at one point. They certainly weren't looked upon highly when my parents and grandparents came to the States. As for discrimation today, there will always be such that divide themelves from certain cultures but in the case of Italians, I haven't noticed it enough to be an issue.
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And in some African households, people are conditioned to believe n***er isn't a bad word. As for discrimination, I have friends who definitely suffer discrimination due to their Italian backgrounds. And it's a shame that so many negative stereotypes of Italians are depicted in the movies and in print, even to this day.

BTW, Korkscrew, you could pass for Italian.
That's not really "passing" in my mind LOL. Italians, like so many ethnic groups I get "confused" for, often have at least 1/4 African ancestry. You and your Italian kinfolk have strong Moorish ancestry (North African) Maybe the Moors have something to do w/those healthy curls you have?
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I meant with your complexion and gorgeous head of curls you could pass for Italian. Ciao, Bella.

To my knowledge, I'm not aware of any Moorish ancestry and if I have it, it would be the generation before my grandparents. However, I very well could have it. Italians have definitely been depicted negatively in various movies. I just chose long ago not to let it bother me. Although, I was in a job interview one time and the guy interviewing me had an Italian last name. He made a reference to us sharing a commonality of being "Italian-American." I didn't say anything back but I thought, "Dude, enough of the hyphenation before the word American. Just call us 'American and be done with it."

Relavant to some black households teaching that the word n***er is not a bad word, well that's fine, just don't complain when someone else uses it. My view on the word D*** stems from the fact that when my dad was in the Air Force, he had the word tattooed on his upper arm. I guess that's why I just let it roll off my back when I hear it -- even from other nationalities. W**, however, I have been called -- and let's just say I fire back at the other person when I hear it.