I think that her logic is old fashioned and wives talish. A braid theoretically would keep the hair moisturized better but it never ever did that for me. Fitting braids wet or dry cause me split ends because it overstretched my fine strands and decreases circulation to already long hair at that.

I also want to take back what I said about the bun. Bunning made my breakage worse since my last post. Let your hair loose. I would recommend clarifying and then trying the loc method, and maybe conditioner washing daily. Clarify once a month. Eat spinach, walnuts, sprouted seeds, meat, veggies, yogurt...veggies cooked and raw. Chicken bone broth is good. Massage your scalp to bring nutrients into your hair.

I am in the same situation as you with hip length damaged hair, all because some lady on youtube claimed you can prevent split ends by doing braid out's only. Now my entire hair midshaft is damaged and my ends are healthy..
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I don't get how a braidout would prevent a splitend. Can u explain her reasoning?
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