The reason why blacks can use the n-word and no other race can is because its our way of turning the negative output of the original word and slavery into a 'positive' word.
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I would caution you about the word "we". Not all black ppl agree w/use of the word ******. Question for you: How, specifically, do you think using this word makes it positive? Please explain the specific benefit/s everyone gets from using it. (I've never received a reasonable answer to this question.) Thanks.

When another race uses the n-word it basically takes out the 'fun' of it because you remind us what happened in the past. The only other race that I've seen use the n-word is Hispanics and I don't mind.
What "fun" is there in calling yourself some word whites invented and used against your ancestors to justify enslaving, raping, beating and murdering them? I'm pretty sure my African ancestors would feel I were spoiling their "fun" by using the word ****** in any context.

No, I don't get this. Not all "black" friends would agree w/this arbitrary attempt at linguistic micro-management.

People get to say what they want. But there are consequences. As much as people want words not to matter, they just do. They carry enormous symbolic, historical and emotional weight. Words start wars and keep peace. And it's totally unrealistic to expect that everyone else but you (and your ethnic group) should and will keep from using a politically loaded word.

Racism isn't built on words it's built on actions.
Actually, racism is built on both.

The day blacks will stop saying n**** is when we are on the same playing field as whites.
I think the day certain blacks stop saying ****** is the day they will be showing they respect themselves more.
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Oh @Korkscrew how I love how you broke this down! everything you said was exactly what i was thinking. I don't use the word on my vocabulary because i find the word disrespectful and offensive. I hate of this double-standard some blacks have created in their minds "we can say it ya'll can't" mentality. The n word or any racial slur shouldn't be use because the are used as insults to one heritage/ethnicity. Hopefully people will stop being ignorant to certain things.

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