Hi Curlswirl, Isn't it showing with a white shade in the picture you sent me? I don't think it would look funny at all.

I love the floor lamps you are looking at! I have been looking at lamps a lot since I am planning to buy some new ones (one of mine is broken and I just may replace another) and from what I have read, the main point to look for in the lamp shade is that the style and size go well with the floor lamp and the rest of your decor. Especially the size - if you get a lampshade that is too big or too small it definitely looks off.

Do you have plenty of light in the room to start? A beige shade may not let through as much light as a white shade. It may be helpful to access Better Homes and Gardens or another website and look at pictures of floor lamps in living rooms to help you figure out your taste.
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