I got a sample of Kathy's gel! It was the first thing I tried but didnt get great results. I kept my routine the same as I have the last few weeks (lopoo, Darcy's pumpkin RO and LI) and then used the okra gel instead of CK and LAL gel) My hair looked ok overall but not as good as other days - it didnt dry as fast and it felt heavy and kind of grimy, and by the end of day 2 it was a hot mess. When i washed it today it felt very dry and crunchy in my hands - something I hadn't felt before.

Anyway I am sure I am just not using it right. Those of you that love it.. what do you suggest?
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Hmmm, that's definitely nothing like my experience with it! I think Rytoka had a similar experience. I always top it with another gel. I would try 2 different ways...1- without a LI, top with LAL, 2- with a LI, top with LAL gel.

I do agree that okra gel increases the drying time.
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