We all make assumptions. Just this past fall, I was super-embarassed! I was at a musical theatre audition and a good friend was with me, and we met this woman who was a very recent immigrant from Argentina (where my grandfather is from) who my friend had met previously, and I was speaking to her in Spanish. My friend is Italian-Canadian and could basically understand us as she speaks Italian. Anyway, the conversation ended where she was saying she'd like to meet more Latin Americans and I invited her to come to the Spnaish mass at my church if church was her thing (assuming all Latin Americans are Catholic, as the vast majority are.) She got kind of uncomfortable and said it wasn't her thing. When she left, my friend told me I had made a huge faux pas... she was Jewish! I am embarassed to say the thought never crossed my mind. I haven't seen the woman since, but I really hope she doesn't think I was trying to convert her or disparaging her faith!!!!
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I am sure she would not think that .

I was not talking about the person who makes assumptions because we all do that. I am talking about the people who tell the people that if they do not look or act a certain way then they are not true Latinos. You were not doing that when you invited the person to Misa.
We're all born mad. Some remain so.