Thanks for complimenting my skin and curls Bobby. Like I said, I believe you are complimenting the outcome of an African-Caucasian mix
Hey, the outcome has been great whatever the mix is.

Oh the hyphenation thing. That could turn into a whole other discussion LOL Usually the terms African-American, African-Asian and African-Italian, etc., are being used redundantly and in a way that allows mono-racially white American citizens to just tag themselves as just “American” w/out revealing what their ethnic background is.
That could turn into another thread indeed. My personal feeling is that while it sounds good in theory, it actually creates more division. Go to any other country, they just call us F*c*ing Americans. My parents came to the States at a time where the emphasis was to become Americanized, which is why they never taught us Italian.

Again, I think this works both ways. I've met too many Italians who use racially derogatory words for themselves (sentimentally or not) but freak out when others use those words around them. I'm pretty sure my Italian friends wouldn't care for me using those words, and that makes sense. I respect them too much to use it. Just like I respect my African peeps (and myself) too much to ever use n****r. Meanwhile, I'm sorry to hear someone has called you any of those names. That's just crappy.
It totally works both ways. Again, I won't freak out if I hear the word D*** but W**, it's on like Donkey Kong. I got called that when competing in a track meet in high school. Some dude (I think he was black) said something like, "Hey W**, I bet you'd run faster if a plate of pasta was at the finish line." Being an 18-year old kid, it bothered me. When I was in grade school, I had a classmate that called me that a few times. Bothered me then but as a 41-year old adult, I've gotten the last laugh.

Oh @Korkscrew how I love how you broke this down! everything you said was exactly what i was thinking. I don't use the word on my vocabulary because i find the word disrespectful and offensive. I hate of this double-standard some blacks have created in their minds "we can say it ya'll can't" mentality. The n word or any racial slur shouldn't be use because the are used as insults to one heritage/ethnicity. Hopefully people will stop being ignorant to certain things.

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Thanks hon. I too hope people will think more about these things. I think a lot of people from different backgrounds do it, so I'm glad you made that distinction here
Korkscrew, you broke it down better than anyone.
2B always with potential of white man's fro

"Curls aren't just for girls"

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