I have worked extremely hard to get my hair healthier, longer, minimal breakage, and minimal shedding…. All gone down the drain with a stupid spontaneous desire for change, I dyed my hair twice within a 10 week period.

The first dye wasn’t so damaging to my hair I took A LOT of precaution and preparation to do it. However the color was not what I wanted. So I waited, and I dyed it again, this time going much more dramatic. The color turned out great, what my hair is going through right now is not.
For years I had been dealing with horrible breakage and then thinning hair. I worked very hard to get my hair to be healthy and then I began to grow it out. It was beautiful! I also had a lot more money to spend on products and boy did I drop it too.

Now, my hair is miserable. It is breaking and I am loosing SO much hair. Unfortunately, thinning hair runs for women in my family. (Thanks for the genetics mom!) I have trimmed my hair, I have treated my hair, and I am at my wits in with my hair.

Because my husband and I are struggling financially I have not been able to purchase my beloved brands I have before so I have resorted to what I at the stores purchasing one thing at a time.

What previously worked for my hair?

Curl Junkie (I actually used the Deep Fix as a leave in condish!)
Spiral Solutions
Darcy’s Botanicals
MiraCurl Curling Gelly

What do I have on hand now?

Shea Moisture
L’Oreal EverCurl
Kinky Curly Knot (hate the smell of it)
And ½ bottle of Curl Junkie Cleansing Cream.
MiraCurl Curling Gelly

NOTHING is touching my.

I have 2 B/C, Fine, Porous, Low Density, Thin, Breaking, Bra Length Hair. (Coconut Oil Sensitive) Oils and Butters make me look like a grease bucket. I live on the east coast in DE. We have pretty high humidity here during the summer time. Summer has always been so difficult for my hair. I am a wash and go type of gal. I air dry with my hair put in duck bill clips at night, sometimes wet.

So Ladies…. On a tight tight tight suffocating budget…. Help Me Restore My Hair! I promise NEVER to die it every again!

Should I do a big chop? I’m losing it and break so badly…. I’m afraid I’m not going to have any hair left in two months.

I am open to all suggestions for products and methods to help return my hair back to its lovely state. So Lay it On Me Ladies (and gents).
CG Since 2010
Hair Attributes: Mixed 2 with 3A undergrowth & no root curl.
Fine, Thin, Easily Manipulated, Easily Styled, Easy to Frizz, and Easy to damage.

Favorites: CJ Daily Fix, CJ Rehab, Anything Spiral Solutions, Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed

New Goals To restore my hair after dying it twice in two weeks. Learning more about products found in the stores to fit my tight budget. I'm still working on trying to grow out my hair.