Glad to see nothing has changed around here. Lululemon pants are TOTALLY worth it. I have five pairs (don't hate, it's not like I said yoga is anti-Christian or anything). I also have a couple of pairs of Lucy pants, but I don't like them as much. They ride up and give me camel toe. I have yet to find a pair of Athleta pants that flatter -- even the most relaxed fits are still cut for straighter figures.

I'm still on the search for a short-sleeved shirt (not a tank) that is fitted enough not to flop over during inversions and low-cut enough not to smother me during forward folds. I'll spend $100 for a pair of magic butt pants, but I won't go above $30 for a t-shirt.
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Update time! Since posting this, I've discovered Zella at Nordstrom. Half the price of Lululemon. Magic-butt leggings (the first pair of leggings I've EVER bought for yoga...who knew there were any that could flatter big booty girls???)! Also short sleeve, deep-neck, fitted tees -- perfect for inversions / downward dogs / hiding unseemly pits.

Also, I've found a pair of Athleta I like (Revelation) and am liking my Lucy pants more. They are stretching with my expanding ass better than my Lululemons are. Must stop eating ALL of the cheese.
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Where did you find the tshirts? I hate when my shirt comes up with inversions!

I'm a big fan of Lucy hatha capris and also Athleta's kickbooty shorts, they stay put for me
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