I have mixed feelings....

I just tried it about three weeks ago and was in hair heaven. I felt I had FINALLY found my HG! My waves were more like ringlets and were very uniform which is a big deal for me! I got results air drying that I usually have to diffuse to get. The texture is very runny which makes application tricky, but after two or three uses I was very pleased. It even gave me second day hair.
Alas, like everything else I've tried, it didn't last. Now it seems to tangle my hair and feels very producty. It dries more almost more gummy than crunchy, so I had a very hard time when I tried to SOTC. It also made my hair stringy- I couldn't get any clumps.
But I'm not giving up because it was so great initially- I may just not be applying it correctly. I say give it a shot, but I am a PJ and try everything! I was thrilled to see it at Walmart last week, and it's readily available at Target, so you can always return it if you don't like it. Good luck!
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That's what I was afraid would happen! There aren't that many reviews on YouTube about it, but it seemed like a lot of people were complaining about the stickiness/greasiness of it. I adore the curl enhancing smoothie & style milk, so I think I might give this a shot. Thank you! (: