Thank you everyone for the advice!! I'm going to try a lot of these ideas. Both yesterday and today I didn't touch it as it dried and it stayed a little more wavy when dry. I tried pixie diffusing after a plop and products in sopping wet, and I think I might just need to get the hang of the techniques. Pixie diffusing led to some hair flying around despite being diffused, so I tossed my plop tshirt over the diffuser as well. It looked better than it has, but dried mostly flat. I should only diffuse to like 80-90% dry right?

I think i have a good moisture level ( if not, too much moisture) but I will give more conditioner/leave in a chance. Plus i'm dropping all the sulfates/ products that aren't cone/alcohol free. So far I like the evercurl and am not rolling in cash so i'll finish those bottles off before maybe giving yes to carrots a try. Even just the two weeks on sulfate free shampoo has led my scalp to be less oily! yay.

Can anyone give recommendations for:
hair spray
hard hold gel
products/ conditioners with protein in them
inexpensive leave ins that wont weigh my hair down (it is seriously weighed down by ANYTHING but hairspray, sometimes even hairspray)

Also, would a volumizing sulfate free shampoo/conditioner/products be a better choice that the curl enhancing? since I have problems with volume?

Thanks again!