Welcome! Do you know what your hair properties and dew points are and are you choosing ingredients and products based on that?

Unfortunately baking soda is highly alkaline so probably more damaging to both skin and hair than sulphate shampoos, it isn't really Curly Girl which is all about conditioning and hydration.

Silicones can be removed by a shampoo containing cocoamidopropyl betaine. It would be wise to avoid the polyquats that are not water soluble. What are you deep treating with at present?

Do you consistently protect your hair from sunlight? Are you being super gentle on your hair in other ways, satin pillowcase or sleep cap, loose up dos secured by gentle accessories, finger detangling only, not catching or rubbing your hair on car headrest/ sofa/ purse strap? Don't underestimate 'weathering' and mechanical damage.

Once your hair gets long it loses some or all of its cuticle, you need to 'search and destroy split ends with super sharp scissors you only use for hairdressing. Beneficial ingredients for porous or damaged hair include coconut oil, hydrolysed protein, ceramides and panthenol.
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Thanks for the advice!
How do you check if the polyquats are water soluble? Do you have a special page? Some I found on this page but some I cant even find answer for on google..

I just started writing a "hair diary" 2 weeks ago! With dew points, temperature, products used and results. The temp and dew here for some days have been:
temp: 18,5 celsius, dew: 17
temp: 15,6 dew: 14
temp: 24, 5 dew 16
Can you tell me what this means? Does a small distance between temp and dew mean more water in the air? I think its hard to choose products based on hair properties because I'm not sure what they are.
I _think_ they are:
Texture: fine(around the ears), medium(the rest)
Density: low/medium
Porosity: high(on top), low(around ears), medium(the rest)
Elasticity: Low/med
Products: KCKT and KCCC or body shop rainforest moisture and cottonseed curl boost.

I'm not really good with DT's because they are usually too heavy for me. If I use store bought stuff(silicone free), they make my hair nice and shiny, but kills my curls. I made some myself, but my hair always turns out greasy..

Before I went CG I usually washed my hair every 3rd or 4th day and it worked because I would wash at night and brush out the curls and when i slept on it, it would be nice and pretty straight the next days. Now however, I have trouble preserving the curls at night and they look funky the next morning so I have to wash again every morning. Is it bad to wash every day? I guess it at least can be damaging because I touch my hair more, but is it good or bad to get it saturated so often?

I'm still working on preserving and protecting the curls(bought an afro comp and shower cap!) and will try the search & destroy!! lol