I really like the soufflé. I use it most of the time. I found the results of my hair were very similar when I used KCCC. Even though, KCCC has different ingredients, the jelly consistency was similar. AND the souffle is cheaper...which is very important lol.
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Do you use it paired with the curl enhancing smoothie? Or just by itself? and yeah, the KCCC is extremely overpriced in my opinion.
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I have the smoothie but I don't use it in conjunction with it because both contain a lot of humectants so too much can cause me frizz! I am still trying to learn the whole moisture/protein balance lol.

As far as KCCC goes, I do like it but, I won't buy again bc of the price. However, I can say a little goes a long way meaning it lasts you a good while so then it kind of makes the price worth it, but not? lol I can't seem to make my mind up! lol
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