I have been a member here for a loooong time but migrated to the non-hair discussion after I "figured out" my hair years ago. Now a few years later I've fallen off the CG wagon slowly but surely and now my hair needs help... I'm a little overwhelmed with all the new stuff you guys are talking about, but as far as I can tell I have fine, highly porous, thin density hair, 3a-b-ish curls. I live in an area which has very high dew points, especially lately.

I started coloring my hair, and using aerosol hairspray, and I'm sure many other unspeakable things... Now after a stint at a very stressful job, I have lost most of my hair (at least 50%) and what's left breaks like crazy. I dread showering because I hate to see how much hair is in the drain. My hair is pitiful

I am overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I know I need to wash with a sulfate shampoo one more time and then start using the right products, but there is just so much to choose from and the methods of choosing products based on hair type is intimidating. From what I've read, my hair should love protein, but if I remember correctly from years ago when I first did CG I thought my hair hated protein. My hair doesn't seem to hold style very well, hence the addition of hairspray to my life. I only wash once a week and I hate having decent hair for one day and a frizzy fluffy limp mess for the rest of the week.

Not all who wander are lost.

Fine and thin 3a. PW: curls