Did the strand tests come out fine? Which specific products do you have from the brands you list?
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The products that is under "what I have on hand" is currently what I have now. I'm basically looking for good products that I can find in places like target or sally's that are good. I know some about ingredients but clearly not as well as you. I did not know about trading the pH of products. I will look into that further. Thank you.

I know exactly of the filer you are speaking of.

I do use coconut oil in my diy treatments for my hair. I just typically do not use it in everyday products. Just like now I have my head wrapped up sitting in a honey, coconut oil, and olive oil treatment.

I will definitely check out other ingredients and information you have listed. It's greatly appreciated.

I try to be very conscious about the tugging of my air. I need to get satin cases. Bonnets won't stay in my hair for any reason.

Ty ladies. Like I said I'm pen to trying almost anything lol

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Re-read your post, you didn't list products in most cases you listed brands!
"Shea Moisture - which one?
L’Oreal EverCurl - which one?
Giovanni - which one?
Kinky Curly Knot (hate the smell of it)
And ½ bottle of Curl Junkie Cleansing Cream.
JessiCurl - which one?
MiraCurl Curling Gelly

Don't bother with olive oil, given the level of damage just use the coconut oil. Oleic acid can certainly penetrate, but it's lauric acid that is proven to preserve structural proteins which you desperately need at present. If you are on a budget I would concentrate on making or doctoring your own products, there are only a very limited number of ingredients that will make a significant difference by penetrating or adhering in such a way as to strengthen the hair.

I *think* Sally's has the 'As I Am' line some or all of which are pH 4.5 or thereabouts, but they may be too heavy for your hair type. Also the 'Stay on Satin' line of sleep bonnets: I assume you can return them if they don't stay on as promised but YouTubers say they do. Do get a satin pillowcase otherwise, hopefully someone can tell you the cheapest place since I am not in the US.
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