Oh! I should have been more specific about what i have on hand l.

SM - thickening shampoo (green line), anti-breakage hair masque, shine & hold coconut hib. spray

L'Oréal - ever curl comdish & shampoo

Giovanni - tea tree shampoo & smoothe as silk condish.

I do not have anymore JessiCurl.

I have been thinking about SM coconut condish and the souffle.

I have been looking up store item brands sick as Curls (non - salon products), Jane carter, other kinky curly products, and miss Jessie (which is pricey but always on sale)

Items that has worked in my hair specifically are:

CJ daily fix cleansing condish, JessiCurl low-poo

Spiral solutions, catlins condish, darcy pumpkin seed

Curl Junkie deep treatment as a leave in.

DT spiral solutions deeply decadent. Pt also spiral sol.

I have been successful with heavier products.

Ty about the bonnets. Another one I'll check out. I have heard that gelatin is a good pt

I have no problems with Diy stuff either. Gelatin I hear is a good pt too.

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