I've been CG for about 5-6 weeks now?

I heat straightened for 8 years before and then decided to get a bob to wear my natural hair. I took in a picture of Karlie Kloss (deep down knowing I didn't have her hair type...or face for that matter!) and the hairdresser proceeded to thin out the "bulkiness" of my hair.

Not only did I leave with a bad haircut but I couldn't straighten it anymore. My hair, after thinning out, was almost non existent straight. So curly it had to be!

I came back to this site and forum (I visited a few months earlier already thinking of wearing my natural curl) and so far it's been an interesting journey. I think now my hair is finally behaving. Still testing all sorts of stuff. Just found out I'm allergic to Jojoba...hello rash all over face! Haha! My housemates think I'm mad!

It has made me feel more like myself though...curls make me feel like I can get away with more! Ha! Sometimes I want to straighten because I think maybe I looked better that way and then I have to wonder about my perception of beauty etc.
I've had some lovely feedback lately which has helped but I am yet to totally love my hair as it is. Although it's looking pretty good today! No frizz!