I'll have to read up more on it. But, for some reason, I've tried coconut and jojoba oils and they leave my hair frizzy and straw-like. Anything with protein or glycerin or amino acids make my hair go wild. I just have very stubborn hair.
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You are unlikely to have hair any more 'special snowflake' than anyone else's, for most if not all of us choice of ingredient families and products is about balance. Did you try the oils straight up or as an ingredient? This frequently gives two very different effects; similarly bananas are healthy but you would not consider it a balanced diet to eat a meal of five bananas each day.

Amino acids don't behave the same as proteins, if you are identifying those as the issue you may be identifying the wrong culprit. Both hydrolysed protein and glycerin both have humectant properties, in the wrong dew points or not balanced out with the right other ingredients it's not uncommon for humectants to cause or increase frizz and/ or dryness.
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I haven't tried the pure oils so that may be a reason why. I'm sure I have protein sensitivities as I have tried several protein rich products. I also live in Florida so the humidity kills me. However, despite my scalp issues, my hair is in great shape. Even though I use sulfates and cones, my curls are soft, bouncy, and healthy. But, I've done some research on the side and I might give CG a go again. I've read that it has really helped people with scalp issues. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try again.

Anyway, my appointment is on Monday so I'm hopeful that my doctor can tell me what is going on there. Then I'll switch up my hair routine accordingly. I'll keep you updated.

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