I read this comment last night before washing my hair so being I am a product junkie I browsed through to see if I had a conditioner/oil/cream combo that did not have glycerin. I figured it would be worth trying to see if things get better over a period of time. I used Giovanni Deep Conditioner as a leave-in, grapeseed oil and Shea Moisture Curl and Styling Milk (not the smoothie). So far, so good. I have not seen any new midshaft splits in excess. I expect a few because it will take time. But I did notice that especially when I was heavy handed with glycerin products, my hair seemed like it got worse. So I thought I would try. If you have dry hair like mine maybe try that combo for a while. Or you could do almond or jojoba oil as well. I tend to do loc method and co-wash a lot because my hair loves water but it gets greasy with constant layering.

For those suffering with midstrand splits do you use products with glycerin? I live a dry heat area and figured it was giving me splits because it made my hair extremely dry..It took me awhile to figure out that straight glycerin with water wasnt helping me. I stopped using it in February and my hair seems to be getting better. My mom told me once that I had these splits as a child, im not sure if she knows what im talking about, however I never seen mid strand splits until after i jumped into hair care and started doing everything under the sun to my hair. So i believe glycerin made my hair have holes and shred the ends due to dryness..It was bad..At one time my relaxed damaged hair was healthier then my natural hair
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