So I love curly hair on men and I'd say stick to those curls but I understand your wanting to try something new. One thing though--I'd advise against a blowout for sure. My friend who is mixed race got it and it only lasted six weeks for him. Not to mention the chemicals! Not too long after he got it they passed legislation saying the stylist had to wear a mask while administering the blowout. Anyways, Japanese straightening is expensive typically but there are places that'll run you cheaper if you're in a big city. You have to search the interwebs. Another thing, what's your rate of shrinkage? 50% maybe? When you pull out a curl and stretch it, how much longer is it than when it springs back? I can't tell from the picture. Your hair seems short enough that it needs another inch--a tad more length to achieve the styles you want. But maybe that's not the case. I only deal with maybe two-three inches worth of shrinkage (wavy-curly) so how would I know really? Anyways, it really would be best to consult a stylist and please look up the reviews before you go with anyone. You want a good track record. Do you happen to live in a big city?
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