It's easy to get to the point of stressing over a few stray hairs or a bit of frizz. We are all so focused on our hair that we start noticing every little thing that's wrong rather then what's right. I'm not saying you can't improve your hair but after many months of focusing on trying to get my hair to be wavy & shiny & frizz-free I suddenly realized my hair looked good but I was nitpicking the little flaws rather then enjoying it.

What really helps me when I think I'm having a crappy hair day is to focus on other people's hair, it only takes scrutinizing a few co-workers frizzy, dull, flat ironed, etc hair to make me realize I'm not really doing so bad (obviously I don't tell them this, I do it in my head ).

I agree with everyone else, your hair looks great, I was waiting for the "oops, here's the photo I meant to upload" post.
By all means work on improving your hair, but be sure to spend some time appreciating those clumpy, shiny curls whenever you can!
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