On my wash day I leave on a deep conditioner by Giovanni then do the loc method, then for second day hair I just spray with water and/or watered down Giovanni, and I put the Giovanni hard hold styling gel on, this gel lifts my curls up and makes my hair come to life. It would otherwise droop and I would have to finger comb. If I feel like my hair is getting dry then I would do the loc method again, and When I do that I always finger comb for even distribution. For me, I have two options, finger combing and/or gel. Finger combing reshape a my curls and gets the products to adhere to my strands without dry spots. But even then I have to follow up with gel because my hair gets flat.

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I've got fine hair. 3a/b-ish. chin length curls.
I sleep on a silksatin pillow case, and have tried the pineapple method. I really can't touch it too much because then my curls get out of shape. Even a gentle pineapple doesn't really work. I have tried using a scarf to protect my hair, but I find it a very unpleasant feeling.

And I don't like washing (or thoroughly wetting) my hair every morning.

that's why I need some tips. Do I have to put anything in my hair before pineapple-ing.

Thank you for your help!
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