I agree with everyone else. All these negative products that leave nothing but build-up, yet costs $24. It reminds me of the Miss Jessie's products! Her stuff costs so much money (ranging from $20-$60) and a lot of her stuff is filled with silicones, petrolatum, and mineral oil. I think that is one of the best things about learning ingredients- you not only help your hair, but you save your wallet!
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I was just about to say it sounds like Miss Jessie's products! All that money for Dax hair grease! LoL! Some say it works wonders, but I'm not sure if they've ever TRIED just hair grease to see if it works as well..

Anyway, I can't use anything with mineral oil or petrolatum. It just makes my hair hard, dry AND greasy at the same time. Not cute at ALL!! LoL!