I have several but my most recent is good tea. i love coffee and tea but I have to drink both cold. Well, I literally have to drink coffee cold (or I get very jittery) but I guess I just strongly prefer to drink tea cold.

So there is this place near my job, Zen Cha Tea Salon, and a cup of tea costs $5-$7. But I love it!!!!! They have about 50 different types, most of which is available cold, too. Black, green, white, red, decaf, chai, everything.

I am so addicted to this but it is so expensive and frivolous. Yesterday I had a South American mate peppermint tea and the day before, A Morrocan green tea w/ mint and cardamom...and an awesome ginger beef salad. Yes, they have great food, too.

But other frivolous things I enjoy are scented bath salts (not the drugs, the actual bath salts LOL), really good quality, oversize leather handbags, Starbucks, Porterhouse steaks, beautiful/artsy stationary, fashion magazines (even in languages I don't understand), Agatha Christie mysteries, hoop earrings and good quality/specialty chocolate.