I can't wait to see "The Lone Ranger". It's coming out tomorrow, so I plan to see it this weekend.
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I like Johnny Depp, I really do. But I'm "meh" about this film, why do we still put white actors in roles where the character is clearly non-white. It's 2013 people, lets get it together.
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I agree with you there, but he does such great character roles that I don't think the movie would be as good without him. I'm sure he will make the movie. He's what is making me want to see the movie..Plus Jim and I wanted to do the Lone Ranger/Tonto Halloween thing last year, but I couldn't decide on a costume. Jim did do the Lone Ranger, but I was a saloon girl. I'll put the pic in my avatar. Jim looks hot. Me, not so much. We were surprised to see the movie coming out and decided we had to see it.

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