I'm going to hope on this band wagon as well. It is IDEAL for you to see a doctor.

There are a number of things that can cause hair loss.

1) Genetics (Yes women suffer from genetic hair loss)
2) An underlining medical ailment (such as PCOS)
3) Stress
4) Sudden weight gain or loss
5) Hormonal changes (You're at a prime age for that deary)
6) Surgeries (Sudden shocks to the body can result in hair loss)
7) Vitamin deficiencies.

There are many more reasons this could be happening.

Something that will help your doctor out is keeping a journal of sorts about how much hair loss you've had. A specific area you're experiencing it coming from, Things you have tried, length of time.... etc. Be Detailed. This will help you when you speak to your doctor so they can help you better.

Just remember this is your body and your hair, you know it the best and understand it's normalcy. Don't let people discourage you.

I would personally speak to your mom for a visit to the OBGYN. Because this potentially is a hormonal, vitamin, or medical issue (again like PCOS) the GYN would be the best type of doctor to begin with for this circumstance.

I hope this helps, if you have problems approaching your parents about this PM me and I can give you extra added information that young ladies can use to get help they need for their bodies.

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