I have had high shedding for four years, but after going to acupuncture, my shedding majorly improved for six months straight. Now that I'm in my first trimester, I just recently started shedding a lot again , and it's making me worried that I'm going to go back to another long bout with shedding. I haven't gone to acupuncture while pregnant because of the risks, but also I've been majorly vomiting and not eating due to the pregnancy. I'm hoping maybe it's just my body responding to all this harshness of vomiting, and that it will calm down. What do you all think?? It's disheartening to me because of my success I'd been having and then everyone says that during pregnancy is when you least shed and instead you get thicker hair, so I don't know what is going on.
Medium texture
Normal porosity
Normal elasticity
can get weighed down with lots of oils
Co-wash-trying giovanni wellness
Rinse out: Garnier Body Boost, GVP
Leave-in: none right now, maybe a touch of SM curling souffle
Curl enhancer: AOMM and KCCC
Gel: Kiss my face gel
Low Poo: abba pure and natural, Giovanni Wellness
working on: getting rid of frizz from the get-go